Remembering Uni

It’s come to the end of three years of university. It’s been a weird 3 years, I must admit. As everyone will have experienced, there has been ups and downs. Looking back over the hundreds of photos taken over my time in Sheffield, I am feeling a mix of happiness, sadness and excitement for the future. There’s so much I have loved about these last few years.



The place that started it all. I loved my course (BA History) and I want to work in something to do with history more than ever! The University of Sheffield has taken such good care of me and I couldn’t be more thankful.







I have absolutely loved living in Sheffield. Despite the pretty much constant lousy weather (apart from in this picture – miracle), the huge variety of shops, restaurants, parks and everything else it has to offer has made this year great. For me, Sheffield feels more like home than my actual hometown.






Bloo88, Sheffield


I will forever crave Bloo88 cocktails. It’s probably the nicest cocktail spot in Sheffield.













Oh, and they do awesome pizza. Which is always a plus.








Steam Yard, Sheffield



I could always count on Steam Yard for some coffee, a cake (or more specifically, a cronut) and good chat. This is definitely my favourite coffee spot in the city.









The parks were probably my favourite thing about the city. I went to one of the parks or green spaces at least 4 times a week, every week. They’re so beautiful, I really value having a peaceful place in the middle of the busy city. As a city girl who loves nature, these places really mean a lot to me.




These guys made uni so fun. I’ll really miss the pres at Ashdell Road, the bonfires, the Cards Against Humanity playing sessions, the film nights, all of it. I don’t think these years would have been anywhere near as good without them.



And last but my no means least, I don’t think I would have mentally or physically survived uni without my boyfriend Jake. Hopefully we’ll be back here together in September to carry on the Sheffield chapters for a masters degree!



Undergraduate degree, it’s been a pleasure!
























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