How I made my uni room home

Rented student houses can be so boring. It’s usually terribly painted white/grey walls, some vomit coloured carpet, and some of IKEA’s cheapest wardrobes and chests of drawers. After 18 years of home comforts and a well coordinated bedroom, I found that my new living space came as a shock to the system. Maybe I care too much how my room looks… it was going to be my room for 2 years, I needed it to become home. Here are some of the ways I made my room ‘home’.


Here’s how my room started. Pretty dull.


I’m partial to candles. My personal favourite is the Black Cherry Yankee Candle. When I moved in to my uni house, my room smelt musky as hell. Burning scented candles makes the room smell lovely and candles create a nice soft light for my room which makes me feel more relaxed.






Cue cute teacup candle (thank you Ellena!)








I have a self professed obsession with any kind of home decor, especially if it’s copper. Most of what I got for Christmas was copper coloured. Exhibit A:




Nothing makes a room feel more like home than flowers! I have bought a new bouquet of flowers for my room almost weekly this last year. They smell amazing and add colour to what is a very dull room usually!







Decorative accessories such as baskets, candles, ornaments etc make a room so much more ‘homey’. I got over excited and piled all mine next to each other…





Posters do a lot for a dull rented uni room. I have two posters up, a constellation map and a world map (both from Paperchase for something like £5 each, bargain!).






19415731_10211009124956350_714542555_n My trusty world map, so many beautiful colours.









I was lucky enough to have an amazing view from my skylight, which made my room feel so much more cosy. Sheffield is beautiful!








Here is (most of) my completed room! I am currently packing it up to move back home, so this blog is a kind of momento to a wonderful two years. Ashdell Road, I will miss you.


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