My perfect workspace

Due to the nature of student living, I cannot adjust and redesign my room very much as my house is rented. However, I am determined to create the perfect workspace for me as I find I work a lot better in a nicer, brighter space.

My current workspace

As you can see it is pretty boring and uninspiring. The good thing is the desk gets plenty of light which is great for concentration. However, I would love to redesign this space, making it a nicer place for me to do my uni work, which I have plenty of.

Luckily, there is plenty of inspiration lurking on Pinterest for a relaxing workplace.

Here are some ideas that I would love to emulate if possible. I’ll let you know how my workspace progresses over the coming months.


I love this space for its brightness, the white colour scheme is something I absolutely love, its effortless and means you can accesorise with bright colours. My inparticular favourite right now is anything rose gold, especially candles. The plant on the windowsill also brings a splash of colour to a bright but minimalist workspace, and if I’m honest I will probably buy a fake plant and I am not the most reliable person when it comes to watering plants.


The thing I love the most about this picture is the white floorboards. Sadly I can’t recreate this as my rented room has a horrible dark green carpet. Ew. I can’t wait to buy my own place so I can go for the white floorboards look! It’s so effortlessly chic. The Apple Mac screen also adds such a modern minimalist look, if only I could afford that kind of stuff! I love the slightly messy look of the wall art, works perfectly with the minimalist set up.


This workspace has a similar look to the one above, but is a little more rustic. As much as I like this, I can imagine the desk being expensive, but its so beautiful I guess that makes up for the price. Again, the Mac adds a lot of style to this layout, being the main focus of the space, I really need a wide computer monitor in my life! Maybe then I’d do more uni work?! The pale wood and the white walls and chair make this space feel clean and bright, which is what you want in a place of concentration.


I love the statement stationary, it’s bright and colourful but fits into the ensemble perfectly. An organised workspace is a productive one!


A monochrome set up is always a winner. It’s effortlessly stylish and creates an atmosphere of relaxation and tranquility. It’s also an easy colour scheme to recreate as most homeware items (such as storage or various decorative accessories) have the option of being black or white.


I hope I have inspired you to change the layout of your workspace too, it’ll pay off!

(Photo credits: Pinterest)


2 thoughts on “My perfect workspace

  1. Hi! I just want to say how cute your blog is!! I’m so inspired to start my own. I was first brought to our blog by pinterest and I was wondering how you got pictures from your blog to be on pinterest with a link to your blog. Thanks, S


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